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Technical Support

U.S. Laser fully supports all manufactured lasers and systems for their entire life time. You will never need to worry about hearing a U.S. Laser Technical Support Technician telling you a U.S. Laser supplied system is obsolete and no longer supported. We continue to support systems shipped as far back as 1979, our founding year.

U.S. Laser can also often support systems manufactured by other suppliers. When JEC Laser discontinued operations, U.S. Laser stepped in and began supporting these customers. We continue to support these customers today, and will support them as long as they continue to operate these systems.

U.S. Laser can provide periodic preventive maintenance programs that not only insure your systems remain in peak condition, but also that your in-house maintenance staff is regularly trained to keep their skills sharp.

Process Development 

U.S. Laser maintains an applications lab for processing customer samples and assisting with process development. Equipment available in the laboratory includes:

  • AO Q-switched TEM00 mode Nd:YAG laser with frequency multiplied capabilities. Available wavelengths include 1064 (near IR), 532 (visible - green), 355 and 266 ( both ultra-violet) nanometers.

  • High power CW multi-mode Nd:YAG laser up to 1000 watts.

  •  AO Q-switched multi-mode Nd:YAG laser marking system.

  • High power multi-mode pulsed laser.

  • Precision multi-axis parts positioning systems including CNC X-Y tables, focusing barrel z-stage and rotary spindle.

  • Conventional viewing and focusing optics, and fiber optic beam delivery systems.

U.S. Laser will generally prepare sample parts within a few weeks free of charge. Additional process development work, or expedited sample preparation can be purchased. Call Sales for present rates. This charge covers rental of the facility and equipment and use of an experienced Applications Engineer. 

System Upgrades

U.S. Laser can provide system upgrades both to U.S. Laser supplied systems as well as systems manufactured by other suppliers. Whether it is an optical upgrade to provide better CCTV viewing or a smaller focused spot size, a new laser to harness state-of-the-art laser technology for your material processing needs, or improved parts handling system to increase the throughput or accuracy of your process.

  • Case 1 New computer: U.S. Laser recently upgraded an older system by adding a new computer, new I/O board, and additional features in the new control software.

  • Case 2 Diode pumped laser: U.S. Laser has upgraded a lamp pumped laser to a newer diode pumped laser. The upgrade included repainting the frame, a new computer, and new control software.

  • Case 3 Repairing lasers: U.S. Laser has successfully repaired several Chinese laser marking systems. Returning the systems to China for repair would have been very time consuming.

U.S. Laser can provide the solution you need.

Direct inquiries to or call 201-848-9200.

Technical Notes

Technical Support | Process Development  | System Upgrades
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Laser solutions for your world
825 Windham Court N. - Wyckoff, NJ 07481

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