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Lasers and Laser Systems

Major Subsystems


Optical rails and carriage mounts provides a precise stable alignment system for an optical bench setup. Optical rails are available in various lengths up to 90 inches, or special orders priced per foot for custom lengths. The carriage mounts feature a three point mounting system, with an adjustable position clamp. All USL optical mount are designed to bolt directly to the carriage mounts, which when installed on the optical rail insures optical centerline alignment. USL also offers a line of high quality rail enclosures designed to protect laser equipment during operation and storage. All of USL's accessories are compatible with this system. These include upcollimators, attenuators, mirror mounts, Q-switch mounts, safety shutter mounts, spacial filters, polarizers, wave plates and power meters.

Spare Parts and Components

Test Equipment, Tools, Fixtures and Cleaning Supplies




Laser solutions for your world
825 Windham Court N. - Wyckoff, NJ 07481

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