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Fiber Optic Beam Delivery


Fiber Optic Beam Delivery Systems

The U.S. Laser Fiber Optic Beam Delivery System provides the means to deliver the output of a laser system to a remote location through a flexible fiber optic cable. Fiber optic beam delivery is a convenient solution to delivering the laser beam over long distances, or where direct line-of-sight (required by conventional delivery systems) is unavailable or undesirable. The Fiber Optic Beam Delivery system is a complete package, consisting of input coupling optics mounted on an adjustable mount, an armor jacketed fiber cable with connectors, and the output coupling optics, which collimates and focuses the beam. By providing a range of fiber types and core diameters, as well as a full range of input and output coupling optics, the system can be custom tailored to almost any laser application. Individual components of the system are described below.

Input Coupler

The input coupler mount assembly positions the fiber, and focuses the laser beam into the fiber. An appropriate multi-element (or single element, if appropriate) lens, is used to focus the laser beam to a spot diameter small enough to fully couple the beam into the fiber core. The lens is mounted in a three axis adjustable mount, which provides X /Y adjustment of the fiber, and a Z axis lens focus. A bulkhead connector is provided for easy mounting and de-mounting of the fiber. Standard connectors are either D-80 or SMA, with other connectors available as options. The carriage mount is drilled for use with right or left beam entry.  On some systems, an upcollimator (see Model No. N1004) may be required in conjunction with the input coupler lens to achieve the spot size required to properly couple the beam into the fiber.  Consult the U.S. Laser sales department for assistance in selecting the correct optics for your application.

Part No. Description:
N3301 Fiber optic input coupler mount assembly, less optics
N3302 Fiber optic input coupler assembly, includes input coupler mount and A/R coated lens assembly mounted on carriage mount.  (Select lens from below)
N3302-1 with 37.5mm F:2.5 fused silica Aplanat 
N3302-2 with 45mm F:2.5 fused silica Aplanat 
N3302-3 with 50mm best form fused silica lens
N3302-4 with 60mm best form fused silica lens

Fiber Optic Cables

U.S. Laser offers a line of high quality multi-mode fiber optic cable assemblies. Two type are available, the step index, featuring a pure fused silica core, and the gradient index, which has a doped fused silica core. Core diameters from 200 um to 1000 um are available in both types. Each cable is supplied as an assembly, with plastic coated armor jacketing, and standard LD-80 high power connectors on both ends. SMA905 connectors are also optionally available. Nominal numerical aperture is .2 for the step index, and .25 for the gradient index. For fibers in lengths up to ~ 20 meters, the fiber is effectively lossless, except for approximately 8% Fresnel loss at the end faces. When used with CW lasers operating in excess of 200 watts, U.S. Laser highly recommends the optional A/R coating. Special fiber sizes, connectors, and jacketing configurations are also available, please consult U.S. Laser sales department.

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Part No. -xx -ST/-G -AR -LD/-SMA Description:
N3300-1 -xx -xx -xx -xx 200 um core
N3300-2 -xx -xx -xx -xx 400 um core
N3300-3 -xx -xx -xx -xx 600 um core
N3300-4 -xx -xx -xx -xx 800 um core
N3300-5 -xx -xx -xx -xx 1000 um core
####### -xx -xx -xx -xx fiber length in meters ( if no length is specified, 2 meter length will be supplied)
####### -## -ST -xx -xx step index fiber
####### -## -G -xx -xx gradient index fiber
####### -## -## -AR -xx A/R coated both ends
####### -## -## -## -LD LD-80 connectors
####### -## -## -## -SMA SMA905 connectors

Output Coupler

The output coupler is a multi-element assembly which first collimates the diverging beam from the fiber output (the output collimator section), and then re-focuses it to form an image of the fiber core (the output objective assembly). A connector is provided on the collimator assembly for easy attachment of the fiber. The lenses are mounted in precision machined in-line housings, and are pre-aligned to the fiber. The standard connector is a LD-80 bulkhead, with SMA and other connectors also available. The lenses are mounted in precision machined in-line housings, and are pre-aligned to the fiber. The collimator and objective lens housings are threaded together, and may easily be removed and changed. A series of fiber couplers are available for use with different diameter lenses. The standard output coupler (1.5" outside diameter) accommodates either 25.4mm or 30mm diameter lenses. Output couplers for use with 40mm and 50mm diameter lenses are also available. A special smaller version is also available for use with 15mm diameter lenses.

Because the optical system is used to image the fiber core, focused spot size is easily calculated (see US fiber optic beam delivery Tech Note) and changed, if necessary. A lens protector assembly with A/R coated glass window is available to protect the objective lens from dirt and debris. For help selecting the correct output coupler, contact the U.S. Laser sales department.

Output Collimator Assembly

The output collimator assembly includes an A/R coated fused silica collimator lens, and housing with connector (specify LD-80 or SMA).

Part No. Lensing:
N3303-1 50mm F.L., 25mm dia. best form lens
N3303-2 60mm F.L., 25mm dia best form lens
N3303-2-1 as above, but with 30mm dia lens
as above, but with 40mm dia lens (2" diameter housing)
N3303-3 75mm F.L., 25mm dia best form lens
N3303-3-1 as above, but with 30mm dia lens
as above, but with 80mm FL, 40mm dia lens (2" diameter housing)
N3303-4 90mm F.L., 25mm dia best form lens
N3303-4-1 as above, but with 30mm dia lens
as above, but with 40mm dia lens (2" diameter housing)

Externally Adjustable Output Collimator Assembly:

The externally adjustable collimator assembly has the same features as the standard collimator assembly shown above, except that it is provided with an external collimation adjustment. Loosening the lockring, allows the collimating lens to be translated closer or further away from the fiber face surface. Using this capability the laser collimator may be optimized, and can even be done while the laser is running. To order, use the same part number as above for the lens desired, but add "-ADJ"

Objective Lens Assembly

The output objective lens assembly includes an A/R coated fused silica objective lens mounted in a housing which directly couples to the output collimator housing.

Part No. Lensing:
N3304-1 50mm F.L. 25mm dia best form lens
N3304-1-CYL 50mm F.L. 25mm dia cylindrical lens
N3304-2 60mm F.L. 25mm dia best form lens
N3304-2-1 as above, but with 30mm dia lens
N3304-2-2 as above, but with 40mm dia lens
N3304-2-CYL 60mm F.L. 25mm dia cylindrical lens
N3304-3 75mm F.L. 25mm dia best form lens
N3304-3-1 as above, but with 30mm dia lens
N3304-3-2 as above, but with 80mm F.L., 40mm dia lens
N3304-3-CYL 75mm F.L. 25mm dia cylindrical lens
N3304-4 90mm F.L. 25mm dia best form lens
N3304-4-1 as above, but with 30mm dia lens
N3304-4-2 as above, but with 40mm dia lens
N3304-4-CYL 90mm F.L. 25mm dia cylindrical lens
N3304-5 120mm F.L. 25mm dia best form lens
N3304-5-1 as above, but with 30mm dia lens
N3304-5-2 as above, but with 40mm dia lens
N3304-6 150mm F.L. 25mm dia best form lens
N3304-6-1 as above, but with 30mm dia lens
N3304-6-CYL 150mm F.L. 25mm dia cylindrical lens

Output Lens Protector

The output lens protector assembly includes a lens protector slide holder housing, which threads directly into the output objective lens housing, and an A/R coated lens protector disc.

Part No. Description:
N3306-1 1" diameter lens protector assembly
N3306-2 30mm diameter lens protector assembly
N3306-3 40mm diameter lens protector assembly
N3960-4 A/R coated @ 1064nm, 1" diameter X .06" thick BK-7 replacement lens protector discs for the N3306-1 lens protector assembly
N3960-4-1 A/R coated @ 532nm, 1" diameter X .06" thick BK-7 replacement lens protector discs for the N3306-1 lens protector assembly 
N3960-5 A/R coated 30mm diameter X .06" thick fused silica replacement lens protector discs for the N3306-2 lens protector assembly
N3960-14 A/R coated @1064nm, 40mm diameter X .06" thick BK-7 replacement lens protector for the N3306-3 lens protector assembly.

Fiber Optic Coaxial CCTV

The fiber optic CCTV package is a complete in-line CCTV system designed to provide a magnified visual image of the work surface that is coplanar with the laser’s focal plane. The system is designed to accept a collimated beam from either the USL model N3303 fiber output collimator, or the collimated output from a fiber laser such as the IPG Photonics, SPI, or other fiber lasers. The collimator section attaches to the system input via a threaded flange, or an optional clamping collar. The standard system accepts collimated input beams up to 35 mm diameter which are reflected downward to the objective lens by a dichroic mirror. This mirror is designed to fully reflect the input laser beam, while transmitting visible light to the CCD CCTV camera. The magnification of the system is a function of the objective lens focal length, but typically is between 30X -40X. The output objective lens is mounted in a focusing barrel which provides 1” of fine, and 2” of coarse focus adjustment. The system includes a CCD CCTV camera with power supply, 19” flat panel monitor, electronic crosshair generator, objective lens, and all necessary cables. The input collimator section is not included. Systems to accept larger beams or other special requirements are also available by special order. For further information, please contact the U.S. Laser sales department

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Part No. Description:
N3307-1 Fiber CCTV assembly with B/W CCTV
N3307-2 Fiber CCTV assembly with color CCTV

Fiber Optic Coaxial Inert Gas Nozzle Assembly N3308

A gas nozzle designed for the coaxial delivery of inert gas while welding. Attaches directly to the fiber optic output objective lens housing (N3304). Supplied with 3 interchangeable nozzle standoff spacers, and 4 interchangeable orifice nozzles.

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Fiber Optic Coaxial Cutting Nozzle N3309

Cutting nozzles are designed for high velocity pressurized gas delivery when laser cutting. Nozzles are provided with a selection of appropriately sized orifices, which are fabricated from damage resistant copper, and are easily replaceable. Nozzle is fully adjustable in x-y position, as well as orifice height in relation to the lens focus plane (standoff distance). The A/R coated fused silica objective lens is integral and is included with the nozzle assembly. The lens is isolated from the pressurized gas delivery chamber with a replaceable A/R coated fused silica window. This protects the lens from dirt and debris, and isolates it from the high pressure gas. The cutting nozzle attaches directly to the 40mm fiber output coupler with 1.750-32 external threads, and will accept beams up to 1.25" diameter (31.75mm).

Part No. Description:
N3309-1 Cutting nozzle for use with USL 40mm diameter fiber optic output couplers. Includes 80mm A/R coated fused silica objective lens, with 3 interchangeable copper nozzle tips with different diameter orifices, and A/R coated fused silica window.

Fiber Optic Multiplexers

Multiplexing systems allow splitting a single laser source into multiple beams, or switching a single laser between multiple fibers. These systems can be especially useful when a single laser can be used for multiple simultaneous or sequential uses at different locations. Lasers of power levels up to several kilowatts can either be divided into multiple equal beams, or a common beam can be switched between several available fibers. Standard configurations are available for splitting the beam into two or four equal beams, as well as timeshare modules to switch the beam between up to four fibers. Special configurations are available based on the number and type of outputs, the length and type of fibers, and the output focusing optics desired.

Please consult the U.S. Laser sales department for further technical assistance.

Part No. Description:
N3310 Fiber Optic Multiplexers

Fiber Optic Test Fixture

The fiber optic test fixture consists of a short section of optical rail with an integral mounting post used to support the fiber optic output collimator. The mounting post is positioned at the correct optical center line of U.S. Laser systems which allows convenient use of existing system power meters.

During normal power output measurements when using a fiber, the fiber end face must be positioned close to the power detector, since the beam is rapidly diverging. Using a collimator, such as what is typically supplied on U.S. Laser fiber optic beam delivery systems (Model # 3303), allows the fiber to be positioned at a safe distance from the power detector, and protects the fiber end face from being damaged due to dust or dirt.

Part No. Description:
N3311 Fiber Optic test fixture


Fiber Optic Connectors:

These bulkhead adapters are used to couple to fiber optic cable connectors such as those used on USL high power multi-mode fiber assemblies.
Part No. Description:
N3312-1 Bulkhead panel mounted connector mates to fiber with LD-80 connectors. Equivalent to Mitsubishi D-80 R
N3312-2 Bulkhead threaded adapter mates to fibers with SMA-905 connectors. Includes nut and lockwasher.
N3312-3 Bulkhead adapter, SMA thread to fiber with LD-80 connector.
N3312-4 Butt Connector, directly couples an SMA-905 connector fiber to a fiber with an LD-80 connector.
N3312-5 Bulkhead panel mounted connector mates to fiber with an SMA-905 connector. Similar to N3312-1 list above, but for SMA-905.
N3312-6 Butt connector, directly couples two fibers with LD-80 connectors.

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