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High Power Pulsed Nd:YAG Lasers

Pulsed Laser Features

Versatile design for welding, drilling, and cutting.

Touch screen controller provides ease of programming and profile storage.

Available with real time power monitoring for process control.

Available with conventional, galvanometer, or fiber beam delivery.

Beam multiplexer available for time or beam sharing output.

Simmer mode lamp operation and electronic pulse width control for stable, repeatable laser pulses.

External control via RS232 or parallel I/O..

High-efficiency cooler with proportioning valve maintains even rod and lamp temperatures for higher output stability
U.S. Laser offers pulsed lasers for laser welding, spot welding, aluminum welding, laser cutting, micro welding, seam welding applications

Nd:YAG Laser Applications

Pulsed Laser Welding
U.S. Laser's high power pulsed lasers are ideal for spot welding, seam welding and micro welding of a wide variety of metals.  These rugged industrial lasers provide sufficient pulse energy for lap welding or seam welding of thick metal parts ( > 1/8 inch).  In addition, the energy output can be varied over a wide range allowing for fine control and small focused spot sizes for micro welding.  Even difficult material applications, like aluminum welding, are easily handled with pulsed lasers.

Nd:YAG Laser Cutting
High power pulsed lasers are ideal for demanding laser cutting applications such as laser stencil cutting where a clean near burr free edge is required.

Laser Drilling
Pulsed lasers are an ideal tool for drilling small diameter holes in a variety of metals.  Both blind and through holes are possible. Larger diameter holes can be drilled using the optional trepanner head.

Beam Delivery
U.S. Laser offers a variety of beam delivery system designs with our pulsed Nd:YAG lasers:

1.      Conventional fixed optic beam delivery system provide the ability to deliver the smallest possible spot size for demanding micro-welding and thin metal cutting applications.

2.      Fiber optic beam delivery provides flexibility in targeting and for three dimensional seam welding applications.

3.      Galvanometer scan head beam delivery systems provide a low cost,  high speed targeting capability in spot welding and seam welding applications.

4.      Beam multiplexers to provide time and energy sharing between multiple outputs.

5.      Coaxial CCTV systems for use with both fiber optic and conventional beam delivery systems provide an easy way of monitoring part position and focus.

System Control
System control is via a touch screen controller for ease of programming and profile storage. 

System Integration
U.S. Laser's high power pulsed Nd:YAG lasers
can be seamlessly integrated into a laser machining center.  Motion systems ranging from two-to-five axes are available for positioning and processing in two or three dimensions.


Pulsed Welding and Drilling Lasers

Model No. 303-100 305-250 306-400
Wavelength 1064 nm
Max. Ave. Power 100 watts 250 watts 400 watts
Max energy Per Pulse 30 J 50 J 60 J
Repetition Rate 0-200 Hz
Pulse Width 0.2-20 mSec
Beam Diameter 6.3 mm
6.3 mm
6.3 mm
Full Angle Beam Divergence 2-6 mr 2-6 mr 2-8 mr
Input Power Requirements (3 phase 50-60 Hz)
Voltage 208/230 V, 208/230 V 208/230/480 V
Power Consumption (Peak) 7 kW 17 kW 24 kW
Cooling Water Requirements
Temperature < 55 oF < 55 oF < 50 oF
Flow 3 gal/min 6 gal/min 6 gal/min
Pressure 40-60 psi
Optical Assembly (LxWxH) 46" x 10" x 9"
Power Supply  (WxDxH) 22"x33"x39" 22"x33"x47" 22"x33"x47"


Short Pulsed Drilling and Cutting Lasers

Model No.
1064 nm
Max. Ave. Power
5 watts
Max energy Per Pulse
0.2 J
Repetition Rate
0-200 Hz
Pulse Width
0.1-10 mSec
Beam Diameter
1 mm
Full Angle Beam Divergence
d.l. (TEM00)
Input Power Rsequirement
Voltage (standard)
208/230 V, 3 phase 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption
5 kW
Cooling Water Requirements
< 55 oF
3 gal/min
40-60 psi
Optical Assembly (LxWxH)
46" x 10" x 9"
Power Supply  (WxDxH)
22" x 33" x 39"

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Laser solutions for your world
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