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4060 Series Laser Marking
Laser Engraving Systems

U.S. Laser Corporation's Series 2000 industrial laser marking equipment and laser engraving machines. Standard or custom configurations. Turnkey or OEM configurations. Rugged, high quality construction and flexible, full featured software.
One Model 4060 laser marking system in stock.

Available for immediate delivery as configured, $64,700.

Details are listed below.


US Laser Corp's precision quality laser engraving & laser marking systems offer a unique combination of laser marking speed, permanence, computer imaging, and non-contact laser engraving can realize cost savings in almost any high volume production environment.

Precision, Quality, Flexibility

Whether your laser engraving requirements call for alpha-numeric characters, symbols, logos, bar codes, OCR codes, data matrices, custom graphics or schematics, the 4060 Series laser marking system is designed to give you clean, clear, permanent marks.  The 4060 Series Laser Marking System performs on virtually all types of materials: metals, ceramics, composites, rubber, silicon, and  many plastics.


Durability and Speed

Not only is the 4060 Series Laser Marking System built to perform in demanding, even hostile industrial environments, but the mark it produces will stand up to your most rigorous test. And it does it all without sacrificing speed. Laser Marking in linear or ring mode, plain text or auto-serialization, the 4060 Series Laser Marking Machine can mark at speeds up to hundreds of characters per second.

Medical Devices

Medical Tools and devices cannot use inks or dyes with potential for allergic reactions. Implants must be smooth to eliminate the possibility of tissue damage or bacterial growth. The 4060 Series Laser Marking Device can create high contrast marks by annealing the surface of many metals without material removal or addition. On the opposite end of the spectrum, when a deep penetration mark is required due to post-processing steps, the 4060 Series Laser Marking System can provide deep marks up to several thousandths of inch.

Aerospace and Automotive

Many aerospace and automotive components need permanent identification without impacting material characteristics or surface finish. Only non-contact laser marking can produce permanent images without compromising component integrity.


Many electronics manufacturers require high volume, permanent laser engraving of small fragile devices. 4060 Series laser marking produces images as small as 0.015 inch or less without physical or thermal stress.


Tool manufacturers frequently mark their products after hardening. The 4060 Series Laser Marking System provides laser marking which is unaffected by material hardness and does not add the processes, chemical disposal costs, and environmental/safety issues of acid-etch systems.

Job Shop

Job shops must pass on the inherent cost savings of laser marking to their customers while maintaining their own margins. 4060 Series Laser Marking System features user friendly software for fast part programming, job change and job set-up.


4060 Series laser marking has been applied in a wide variety of applications from marine engine fuel injectors to plumbing

fixtures. Laser marking's unique combination of speed, permanence, computer imaging, and non-contact marking can realize cost savings in almost any high volume production environment.

SOFTWARE Features: US Laser Corp's Series 2000 Laser Marking - Laser Engraving System


Graphical User Interface

4060 Series laser marking software operates in a Windows® environment.  All text and graphics are displayed on screen exactly as they will appear laser engraved on your part.  Click and drag commands allow for ease of positioning, sizing and orienting objects. 


The 4060 Series Laser Marking System allows use of fixed and variable text, and any and all True Type Fonts including filled fonts for laser engraving.  The software will also recognize and mark 23 different bar code and 2D matrix formats.  Data can be inputted via scanner or keyboard; date and serial number indexing can be accommodated as well.  


Vector and bitmap graphics are easily imported.  4060 Series recognizes 21 different graphical file formats. 


Advanced Features

The 4060 Series Laser Marking System is designed to work in automated environments and can be networked with shared files, and linked to control automation equipment designed to present parts to the marking station.  Multi-tasking with links to executable files is also provided.

Mark Control

The 4060 Series Laser Marking System provides full computer control of all laser and mark parameters, including laser power, Q-switch frequency, and scan speed.  File architecture allows for creation of material files with common parameters.  Multiple layer file capabilities with hardware/software handshake are provided.  A "light show" mode with the visible spotting laser is provided for ease of parts alignment.  


A spare copy of the software is provided to allow off-line programming.  


 US Laser Corporation's Laser Marking System 2000 Series software supports all True Type Fonts, 23 bar code and 2-D matrix formats and 21 graphical file formats

 US Laser Corp's Series 2000 Standard Laser Marking System Specifications


  • Diode pumped Nd:YAG - 25, 50, 70 and 100 watt Lasers available
  • Optional Frequency doubled (532 nm)
  • Q-Switched up to 50 kHz repetition rate
  • Closed-loop refrigerated chiller


  • Variable aperture and zoom upcollimator to vary spot size
  • Visible diode spotting laser
  • Slide mounted absolute power meter

Scanning System

  • High speed X-Y galvanometer beam steering insures precise, clear mark at rate that supports high volume production throughput requirements
  • Three marking (flat field) lens sizes available. Standard 4" square (5.6" diameter), Optional 6" square (8.5" diameter) or 12" square (17" diameter)
  • Minimum line width <0.002 inches
  • Speed - up to hundreds of characters per second
  • Frame

    • Welded steel frame
    • C D.R.H Class I workpiece enclosure
    • Enclosure with interlocked access door, eye-safe viewport and internal lighting
    • System footprint 32" x 36"


    • Automated Parts Handling
      • Rotary indexers
      • Pick-and-place mechanisms
      • Conveyor fed systems
      • Wafer handling robots
      • Custom fixtures
    • Multi-axis Motion Systems
      • X-Y stages, manual or motorized
      • Motorized or manual Z-stage
      • Rotary & Tilt stages
    • Viewing
      • Coaxial CCTV

    Power Requirements

    Normally configured with 208/230V, 50-60Hz single phase, 30A operation



    Other configurations available

Laser solutions for your world
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