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High Power CW Nd:YAG Lasers

For Laser Cutting, Laser Welding, Laser Heat Treating and Laser Cladding Applications

U.S. Laser manufactures high power CW Nd YAG laser systems, equipment and machines for laser welding, laser cutting, cladding and heat treating applications

Standard Power Supply Console


Integrated Cabinet

Laser Configuration

Laser Head

At the heart of the system is U.S. Laser's unique laser head. The laser head is based on a single lamp, single ellipse, close-coupled design, optimized for maximum pumping efficiency.  The design produces up to 700 watts with a small diameter (6.3 mm) rod.  The single lamp reduces consumable costs, while the high efficiency reduces the energy and cooling requirements as well.

The laser head design allows for easy cascading of heads, in a series periodic resonator.  Single and two-head systems are standard, and four-head systems are available.

An important feature of the design is that it is tunable: the output power can be smoothly varied from <20% to 100% of rated power without any anomalies in the beam characteristics.

U.S. Laser can also provide high brightness variants of the basic lasers, where the maximum power has been slightly reduced to significantly improve the beam quality. This is especially useful in laser cutting.

Power Supply -  Cooling Console             

The electronics and cooling system, in standard systems, are housed in a caster-mounted console.  The closed loop cooling system features a proportioning valve controller to maintain constant head temperature, and a high efficiency heat exchanger for connection to external cooling water/chiller.  

The electronics include a high efficiency switching power supply, and a control unit with status monitoring and protection.  All of these lasers may be computer controlled via digital and analog inputs.  Optional IEEE 488/RS232/RS422 computer interfaces are available. 

Optical Enclosure

The laser heads, in standard systems, are contained in an enclosure consisting of a tooling plate base and a hinged, interlocked cover.  An optional air filtration system provides a clean, positive pressure, environment for the optics, to protect against environmental dust.

Laser Beam Delivery

U.S. Laser's High Power CW Lasers are available with both conventional and fiber optic beam delivery systems. Particular attention was paid to power handling and transmission capabilitiy to maximize power on target, and minimize optical element heating. All lens elements are fused silica, and are sized based on the full beam diameter or fiber numerical aperture.All surfaces are high damage resistant antireflection coated to provide minimum power loss.

Integrated Cabinet Systems

Multiple headed systems are also available with an integrated cabinet. These systems fully enclose the laser head and optics, power supplies and cooler in a common environmentally sealed enclosure. The laser head and optics are mounted on a granite base to insure maximum stability, and the optics are water cooled. The interior of the cabinet is temperature stabilized for use in harsh factory environments. The laser and optics are easily accessible for service and alignment from the hinged cover assembly, while removable panels provide access to the rest of the system. Normally the system is controlled and monitored via an external control computer which is supplied by the customer. An optional touch screen control box is also available.

Work Area Enclosure

U.S. Laser offers a variety of standard and custom work area enclosures to complement the high power lasers.  CDRH Class I and Class IV enclosures are available.  The laser systems can also be easily integrated into existing CNC or robotic machines.
U.S. Laser manufactures high power CW Nd YAG laser systems, equipment and machines for laser welding, laser cutting, cladding and heat treating applications
Standard laser enclosure shown with optional fiber optic beam delivery.

Optional Fiber Optic Beam Delivery :


The U.S. Laser fiber optic beam delivery system uses a .22 NA step index fiber cable assembly which is armor jacketed for maximum strength and durability. The step index fiber produces a top hat profile, whose size stays constant throughout the power range. Typical fiber core diameter is 600 microns, while 400, 800 and 1000 micron core sizes are also available. Fibers are available in lengths from 2 to 20 meters.

Optional End Effectors                             

The output end effector typically consists of an output collimator, which collimates the rapidly diverging fiber output beam, and an objective lens which re-images the fiber core. All lenses are fused silica, and are A/R coated to minimize surface loss. Selection of the specific lens focal length is based on the intended use. Depending on power level, some end effectors are water cooled.

For laser welding, a coaxial gas nozzle is available to provide an inert cover gas.  The gas flow can be solenoid controlled, through the system computer. A coaxial parfocal CCTV system is available for viewing.

For laser cutting, the gas nozzle design provides a high velocity gas stream (either inert or assist gas).

For beam sharing or splitting requirements, a multiplexer module is available.

Input Coupling Optics                                                         

The input optics include an upcollimator and focusing lens (in a three-axis) adjustable mount).  The specific lenses are selected to maximize power transmission and minimize beam quality degradation for the specific laser configuration.

Specifications:  Standard Laser Configurations

Model Performance






Maximum Output Power (watts)






Recommended Operating Power (watts)






Beam Waist Diameter

< 5 mm

Beam Divergence at Max. Power

< 25 mr

< 30 mr

< 25 mr

< 30 mr

< 30 mr


Number of Heads




Number of Lamps (total)





to 406-2

to 408-2


to 408-4


Computer Controllable




Input Power Requirements

Voltage (3 phase, 50-60 Hz)

208/230 V 440/480 V

Power Consumption

15 kw





Cooling Water Requirements

Temperature (oF)

<55 oF

<50 oF

<50 oF

<45 oF

<45 oF


6 gal/min

10 gal/min

12 gal/min

24 gal/min

Pressure Differential

40-60 psi


Optical Assembly (LxWxH)



Power Supply (WxDxH)




Optional Integrated Cabinet





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