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U.S. Laser Corp. Presents:
Nd:YAG Laser - Industrial Laser System

4000 Series YAG Laser Systems
with multi-axis motion

YAG Laser System Concept

The 4000 Series Industrial Laser Systems are designed to perform demanding, precision laser processing tasks in a production environment.  The Nd YAG Laser System combines accuracy and precision with stability and ruggedness for many applications including micro-machining, precision welding, scribing, drilling, resistor trimming, soldering, and ablation. 

The 4000 Series YAG Laser System is conceived as a set of standard building blocks, which are combined to optimize performance for specific process and environment.  


The major building blocks are the Nd YAG laser, beam delivery optics, motion control, and frame structure.

Industrial Laser

The industrial laser is typically selected from U.S. Laser's wide range of diode pumped, lamp pumped, continuous wave (cw), pulsed, Q-switched lasers. If a particular application requires the performance of a different type of laser, such as vanadate lasers or fiber lasers, U.S. Laser can build your system using appropriate lasers from other manufacturers.

The Table below lists the range of available lasers that are standards of U.S. Laser manfacture. Special features can be provided. And, where appropriate, lasers of alternate sources can be provided.

Table 1 - Laser Application Guide

Section A: 1064nm lasers

Laser Operating Mode Laser Head Type Power or Energy Maximum Applications
CW, TEM00 Diode pumped 24 Watts micro: soldering, welding heat treating
CW, low order mode Diode pumped Lamp pumped 150 Watts soldering, welding, heat treating
CW, Multimode Diode pumped Lamp pumped 2400 Watts welding, cutting, heat treating, rapid prototyping
Pulsed Lamp pumped 400 Watts average Seam welding, spot welding, cutting, drilling
Q-Switched, TEM00 Diode pumped 24 Watts Micro machining, scribing, dicing, marking, resistor trimming
Q-Switched Multimode Diode pumped Lamp pumped 200 Watts Micro machining, scribing, dicing, marking,, cutting

Section B: 532, 355, 266 nm

Laser Operating Mode Laser Head Type Power or Energy Maximum Applications
Q-Switched, TEM00 Diode pumped 6 Watts @532nm, 1.5 Watts @355nm, 0.3 Watts @266nm Micro machining, ablation, resistor trimming, photo fluorescence

Laser: Beam Delivery Optics

The conventional optical system in the 4000 Series YAG laser system combines diffraction limited laser beam delivery with high resolution coaxial and parfocal CCTV viewing.  This industrial laser system design (incorporating upcollimator, objective lens, and camera lens) allows for independent selection of spot size, working distance, and image magnification.   

The heart of this industrial laser system is a series of high-aperture multi-element apochromatic lenses designed exclusively by U.S. Laser.


Fiber optic and galvanometer beam delivery systems are also available.


Industrial Laser Equipment: Frame Structure

For rigidity and stability in industrial environments, the 4000 Series YAG Laser System is integrated in a welded steel box tubing frame, with tooling plates supporting the laser rail and the workpiece area.  Cleanliness of the optical components is maintained by hinged covers and an air filtration system.   

C.D.R.H. Class I laser systems include a workpiece area enclosure.  The enclosure includes a large sliding access door with laser-safe viewport, internal illumination, and a baffled exhaust port.

TABLE TOP Enclosure for fiber laser application with cross-hair generator and CCTV camera pictured in the view port.

YAG Laser System: Motion Control

The 4000 Series Industrial Laser System is available with 2D and 3D processing capabilities. Two dimensional XY systems include moving table, moving beam overhead gantry and split axis with range of motion up to 3 ft. x 6 ft.

For 3 dimensional processing, XYZ systems can be supplemented with rotary and tilt axes.

Industrial Laser Equipment: Applications

The 4000 series Laser Machining Centers are used for a wide range of applications including, Welding , Cutting , Drilling , Micro-Machining , Resistor Trimming , Soldering , Marking , Scribing , Photovoltaic Panel , Heat Treating , Metal Deposition , and Paint Stripping.


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